Trudeau silent on anti-Zionist Toronto eatery Foodbenders (GUEST: Marty Gold)

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Our David Menzies made a trip to the Toronto lunch counter Foodbenders a few weeks ago after the owner called the police after she claims to have received threats after putting up an anti-police sandwich board on the sidewalk outside of her establishment.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Foodbenders isn’t just anti-police. It’s the restaurant at the intersection of all left-wing causes. They don’t like Israel either, refusing to serve those who identify as Zionists, which incidentally means the overwhelming majority of Jewish people.

It's become international news!

Politicians across the country have spoken out, including CPC leadership hopefuls, Ontario premier Doug Ford and Toronto Mayor John Tory.

Except for Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, the guy couldn't get out a tweet fast enough when he heard that a little girl in Toronto had her hijab snipped by an Asian man on the way to school.

That hijab story was a hoax but Justin Trudeau was quick to renounce it as an example of racism before all the facts were in.

However, as real racism against Jews in Toronto is making international news, the PM is silent.

Joining me to discuss the Food Benders controversy and the recent Day of Rage protests across North America against the Trump negotiated peace plan for the Middle East is Marty Gold from

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