Return to Foodbenders: David wants to buy a sandwich from police-hating Toronto cafe

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Oh, yummy! I returned to fabulous Foodbenders, Toronto’s unofficial cafe for the Antifa rank and file, a place where vulgarity and hatred is always on the menu.

And upon revisiting Foodbenders (newly reopened after the foulmouthed owner apparently went into hiding), I discovered this place to be full of mind-benders and gender-benders galore... and I soon found myself wishing I could bend the time/space continuum in order to whisk myself away from this odious eatery...

For those not aware of our earlier report regarding this west-end Toronto restaurant, here’s a recap:

A posting at noted how the owner (later revealed to be Kimberly Hawkins) decided to hop aboard the Black Lives Matter movement by displaying a sidewalk sign that stated: “F*** the police.” Not just bad police officers, but apparently, all police officers. She also made similar odious statements on social media, actually going after the wives and even the children of police officers!

But not all passers-by (be they walking along the sidewalk or in cyberspace) were amused.

One commentator posted: “You are disgusting!!!! Please don’t ever call the police for anything.” Another stated: “You people are racist, go back to your country.”

Irony alert: the police (yeah, the very same folks being told to go f*** themselves) were called to investigate —while simultaneously being smeared by Hawkins that they were behind the harassment campaign! She incredulously told blogTO that she believed people are being encouraged to protest by a few individual Toronto police officers.

“It’s really deep and scary,” she said “These people are hunting me now.”

When we visited Foodbenders on several occasions after the BlogTO piece ran, we discovered that it had been shuttered. Hey, as that old saying goes: “If you can’t take the heat then get outta the kitchen.”

But oh joy! Foodbenders recently reopened! So I dropped by on Friday to purchase a sandwich and have a chat with the person behind the counter (whom I believed to be Hawkins.)

Alas, she wouldn’t identify herself, and apart from slurs and F-bombs, we never did engage in much of an interview.

And when a variety of soy-boys and Antifa types began to amass outside the eatery, I knew it was time to depart from this delightful diner.

And I didn’t even get a chance to buy a lousy sandwich, either!

Ain’t the hospitality business grand?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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