Hamas call for 'Day of Rage' sends some of Vancouver's Jewish community into hiding

In addition to steering clear of pro-Hamas rallies, many Jewish schools and synagogues in the area have increased security. Even so, some members in the community are opting to stay home instead.

Hamas call for 'Day of Rage' sends some of Vancouver's Jewish community into hiding
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The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver is cautioning their community to take extra safety precautions this weekend after former Hamas terrorist leader Khaled Mashal released for a call for a global "Day of Rage" to occur today. 

"First, the anger is to go out into the squares and squares and the Arab and Islamic street and across communities everywhere," said Mashal in a video that has since gone viral online. Mashal, who is based in Qatar, continued to invite Hamas supporters to "send a message of anger" this Friday. 

"We want to tell the Zionists, their criminal leaders, their forces, and the Americans who came to their rescue because they have double standards. They see Ukraine's fight as fair," added Mashal.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver believes the call is one for "violence in Israel, the West Bank, and around the world under the guise of showing solidarity with Palestinians." The Federation is taking the call very seriously, and advised the community in a statement to "steer clear of any areas where demonstrations are planned and not to engage with protesters."  

Pro-Palestine rallies celebrating the Hamas terror attack on Israel, which began on October 7 and included heinous acts such as the rape, torture, kidnapping and massacre of the most Jews in a single day since the Holocaust, have been popping up across Canada and other places in the world.

On Thanksgiving Monday, hundreds of "Free Palestine" protesters could be seen applauding anti-Israel speeches that included condemnation of political leaders who had publicly condemned Hamas terror on Israel.

The Canada Palestine Association, which helped organize that protest, is hosting a "Vancouver All Out For Palestine" protest during today's so-called day of rage at the Commercial Broadway Skytrain Station at 5:30 p.m. 

"I always see them say 'Free Palestine, Free Palestine,' but those people, they're controlled by Hamas," an Israeli Vancouverite who attended a large solidarity protest for Israel in Vancouver on Monday told Rebel News.  

The young woman, who served in the Israel Defense Forces, then went on to describe how she personally knows friends who were just kidnapped and even murdered by Hamas.

Her late friend, 33-year-old Alexandre Look from Montreal, was one of hundreds of young lives slain by the terrorists who invaded a music festival they were attending in Southern Israel near its border with Gaza. 

In addition to steering clear of pro-Hamas rallies, many Jewish schools and synagogues in Vancouver have vamped up their security. Even so, some members of Vancouver's Jewish community are opting to stay home instead.

In a statement to City News, Gabe Garfinkel, whose children go to a Jewish daycare, said, "A lot of people are scared. A lot of people don't know what's going to happen. Terrorists win when they cause terror, when they cause fear, and because of the scale and scope of what happened in Israel, we have to take those threats seriously."

Garfinkel estimates that around 75% of parents with the daycare, including himself, are opting to keep their children out of class today.

On the initial day of the Hamas terror attack on Israel, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) deployed officers to Jewish places of worship to "maintain a visible presence" as people gathered for Shabbat while mourning the horrifying news.

The VPD is taking additional protective measures during today's Hamas day of rage. Although they received no reports of a direct threat to a Jewish-run location in Vancouver, officers will be present outside of Jewish synagogues and community centers.

The department has also activated a "senior command centre" to help keep things safe around gatherings.

Did you know that Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini and videographer Benji have landed in Israel to provide you with the truth about the Israel-Hamas war? To see what's been happening on the ground, and to contribute to covering our modest travel and security costs, visit TheTruthAboutTheWar.com.

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