Has woke culture come to kill comedy in Canada? Pro-freedom comedians weigh in

With around 20 venues refusing the comedians, the group thinks this stifling of free speech is no laughing matter.

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To explore the state of Canadian comedy in today’s era of wokeness and cancel culture, I covered a pro-freedom comedy show called a “A Canadian Dissident Christmas” this past Wednesday.

The event, which was a “Fringe-Tastic Comedy” production hosted by comedian Elizabeth Stanton, was one of a string of comedic shows that have been popping up in the Metro Vancouver area in recent months.

Except, as you’ll hear Stanton explain in this interview, finding a place for comedians who poke fun at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, never-ending COVID-19 boosters and constantly evolving gender identities has been far from easy.

“I had to call about 20 venues to find one that was actually willing to accept freedom,” Stanton told me when I asked how her and her performers have been treated on their quest to create laughter. Port Coquitlam’s The Bennet Craft & Kitchen sports bar welcomed the crowd of just under 40 people wanting to eat, drink and be merry while comedians crack jokes.

Watch my full video report to hear Stanto and the three other comedians who took the stage at the Bennett, including six-time Juno nominee John Stetch, who is well-known for being a talented pianist, but has more recently become known for his witty impressions of Prime Minister Trudeau.

With anything from our national flag to the Girl Guides of Canada’s “Brownies” being deemed offensive, it’s hard to imagine what topic is safe to joke about for those whose job it is to make people laugh.

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