Have truckers changed the meaning behind the Canadian flag? New Brunswick answers

'I'm still proud to be Canadian, and I'll constantly stay proud to be Canadian,' replied one of many people celebrating Canada Day in Saint John.

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Has the meaning of Canada's flag changed for Canadians since Ottawa’s Trucker Freedom Convoy? The plethora of headlines in government-preferred media that were published leading up to Canada Day certainly suggested this to be true.

But what does the average Canadian walking down the street think the meaning behind Canada’s flag is today? On Canada Day, my colleague Lincoln Jay and I hit the streets of Saint John, New Brunswick to ask Canadians if they think the meaning of Canada's flag has changed. We also asked whether or not the Trucker Freedom Convoy affected their attitudes towards the red and white national symbol.

Watch this report to hear the candid responses of these New Brunswickers, most of whom found no issue using Canada’s flag to celebrate the birth of this nation. If you enjoy this report, you should also check out how Canadians in Ontario answered when my colleague Tabitha Peters asked similar questions.

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