Are people hesitant showing a Canadian flag on Canada Day ?

People at Canada’s Wonderland say that they are not hesitant in showing off the Canadian flag.

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It's unfortunate that the Canadian flag has a ‘new meaning’ to some people.

After the freedom convoy took place in Ottawa earlier this year, many people and news outlets have come out with articles, saying that the Canadian flag is associated with those who oppose the mandates, and those who are involved with the freedom convoy.

“The sad part is sometimes I wonder what people are going to think if I put the flag up,” said Puneet Luthra in an interview with the Canadian Press. “People could think that I’m someone with fringe ideas — like anti-vaxxers and things like that.”

“Now when I see a Canadian flag, it is attached to a pickup truck or draped around some angry white man — hardly an expression of loyalty or cheering on our Olympic athletes. Our flag has been appropriated by protesters and is now a symbol of occupation and right-wing rage,” said Doug Cuthand from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

Cuthand also added, “this comes from the American right-wing playbook; they wrap themselves in the flag to fake legitimacy. They sing the national anthem to drown out dissent. They appropriate words and phrases such as freedom and democracy defining them in their own warped context.”

Myself and cameraperson, Isabelle Rivoche drove to Canada's Wonderland on Wednesday June 29. We spoke to people about what they think about hanging a Canadian flag with others being ‘hesitant’ in doing so.

“I don't think this has anything to do with the freedom convoy, it's a flag, it's the Canadian flag, it's the country's flag,” one person said.

After speaking with many people, most of them were surprised that this was even a question. Everyone that we spoke to had no problem showing off the Canadian flag on Canada Day.

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