How to keep Canada 'Glorious And Free' | Derek Sloan

Small 'C' conservatives 'need to stand up and have something to say' on today's most important issues, says Ontario Party Leader Derek Sloan.

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Protecting the existing rights and liberties of Canadians became a topical issue in politics during the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw government-imposed lockdowns and mandates infringe on individual freedoms.

One of the most prominent voices speaking out against these freedom-limiting measures was Derek Sloan, then a member of Parliament and contender for the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership.

Sloan was torpedoed by his own party before leaving federal politics and becoming the leader of the Ontario Party.

Now, he's has published a new book called Glorious And Free which lays out what it will take to keep Canada one of the most free and prosperous countries in the world.

Sloan joined guest host David Menzies on last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show for a discussion about his book and the current issues the country is facing.

Touching on a current trend of drag queen story time events being held in public libraries across Canada, Sloan told David about a story he was reading discussing the “rise” of “hate incidents” by the “far-right” directed at these shows:

Their prime example was, of course, these protests outside of the drag time story hour. And of course they didn't mention one of the main reasons why we're seeing so many more protests is because drag time story hours are proliferating across the country. It didn't even mention 'hey, this is a new thing, this wasn't happening five years ago'.

Obviously very one sided reporting in the media. But a lot of average people are starting to get really frustrated and I think when you speak to people one on one without the media twisting and distorting things and you explain to them why we're against some of these things it makes a lot of sense.

And I think that's why small "C" conservatives need to stand up and have something to say on these issues. If you just let them go, the debate keeps changing and the pot keeps getting hotter.

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