Hundreds of well-paid City of Toronto health bureaucrats still working on 'COVID-19 response'

Speaking about public health officials, Ezra said, 'They are handsomely paid I should remind you. Theresa Tam alone makes a third of a million dollars a year. She doesn't have any patients. She does not do medicine.'

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed how Toronto Public Health has hundreds of well-paid, unelected health bureaucrats still focusing on the city's Covid-19 response. He further described the ineffectiveness of public health "top doctors" like Canada's Theresa Tam.

As stated by Ezra, "What's the difference between public health by the way and actual medicine? Well, public health is another way of saying health politics. Medicine is about helping a particular patient. It's private. It's between a doctor and a patient and no one else is involved. It's individualized care tailored to that person, their whole situation including mental and physical, and their history. You get to know your doctor, he knows your story."

He went on to say, "Public health is the opposite. It treats us all as interchangeable, like ants in an ant colony. There's no privacy. You must disclose your information to the government, no personalized care. You must all take the jab, no matter what. No freedom of choice, you could lose your job or access to public life if you refuse to obey."

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