Did you know there are still 423 people in Toronto city government alone working on the Covid file?

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I shouldn’t be surprised by things anymore. I mean, I’m half a century old, and is there really anything new under the sun?

But this story surprised me. So that’s just Toronto. One city in the whole country. And it’s just Toronto Public Health — that’s a public health agency; that’s not a hospital or clinic. It’s just the bureaucrats, the busy-bodies. The city-level Theresa Tams and Anthony Faucis. Every city in Canada has a public health agency, and a public health officer. And every province does. And every regional health district, or whatever it is called in your province.

Theresa Tam alone makes a third of a million dollars a year. She doesn’t have any patients; it makes me laugh when people like her are called top doctors — how are they the top? In fees, maybe. In political power. But they’re not top doctors. They’re powerful, unelected, accountable bureaucrats who were never elected to anything, and who have uniformly exceeded their legal authority. And Toronto alone had 423 of them. Still. To this day. In fact, to be precise, that’s just the numb4er of them they’re [proposing to cut back. They’re not cutting to zero.

The city’s health agency submitted its 2023 operating budget to the Board of Health Committee for consideration last week and is proposing an overall budget of over $369 million and 2,309.9 positions.

The budget is an overall decrease of $1.2 million and 423.9 positions lower than the 2022 approved operating budget.”

So they still have 2,309.9 positions. Not sure what the .9 means. 2,309 positions. These are not doctors. These are bureaucrats. They’re just cutting a small slice.

This line made me chuckle: "It is not clear what the reduction in COVID-19 funding will impact."

Exactly. I mean you know that even the professional scaremongers are no longer pretending we’re in a pandemic, right? That chief grifter, Theresa Tam, switched to global warming fear mongering back in April.

Climate change is affecting our health today and will continue to do so in the future. Its impacts are broad and can range from heat waves to disruptions to our food systems. Together let’s take daily actionable steps and #InvestInOurPlanet. #EarthDay.

She knows that no-one believe in the pandemic anymore, other than the 2,309.9 people in Toronto alone who get paid to gin up fear.

So there’s obviously no shortage of money. A third of a billion for bureaucrats at the city level in Toronto alone — imagine the national number.

But let me show you another story about public health. What’s the difference between public health, by the way, and between actual medicine? Well public health is another way of saying politics. Medicine is about helping a patient. It’s private — it’s between a doctor and a patient, and no-one else. Individualized care tailored to the person — their whole situation, including mental and physical and their history. “Public health” is the opposite — it treats us as interchangeable, like ants in an ant colony. No privacy — you must disclose your status to the state. No personalized care — you must take the jab, no matter what. No freedom of choice — you’ll lose your job or access to public life if you refuse to obey. What a disgrace.

So look at this next story: "Canadian doctors encouraged to bring up medically assisted death before their patients do".

A guidance document produced by Canada’s providers of medically assisted death states that doctors have a professional obligation to bring up MAID. They use that word because it hides meaning. MAID. Even spelling it out is politics — it’s assisted suicide. It’s euthanasia. It’s culling the weak, the old, the sick. It’s not medicine. It’s anti-medicine, anti-health care. It’s public health — it’s eugenics, it’s the kind of thing that Nazis did, getting rid of undesirables. I refer to the Nazis specifically and on purpose, because they explicitly dressed up their radical politics as public health. There were plenty of doctors involved in their Final Solution. And after the Second World War, after the Holocaust, there were the doctors trials, from which the west developed the Nuremberg Code, which limited what doctors could do to patients. It involved informed consent. It was the moral and legal bulwark against the kind of atrocities the Nazis committed. And of course we just detonated that Nuremberg code, and the concept of informed consent, during the pandemic didn’t we?

Like I say, there’s a big difference between public health and actual medicine.

"In most jurisdictions in the world with legalized euthanasia, doctors are explicitly prohibited, or strongly discouraged from raising assisted dying with a patient. The request must come from the person."

But a guidance document produced by Canada’s providers of medically assisted death states that doctors have a professional obligation to bring up MAID as an option, when it’s “medically relevant” and the person is likely eligible, as part of the informed consent process.”

But of course. Just like Orwell called the propaganda ministry the ministry of truth, and the war department as the ministry of peace, you now have death doctors promoting suicide in the name of public health.

Who is promoting this? I don’t know. Maybe it’s one of the usual suspects.

Could be. He’s always banging on about how there are too many people in the world.

Here’s the chief eugenicist promoting this sucide. Dr. Konia Trouton is a physician based on Vancouver Island. She has been involved in social justice aspects of health care since medical school. Dr. Trouton is a founding member of the Canadian Association of MAID Assessors and Providers and continues to be an active board member, promoting education to medical assistance in dying (MAID) in Canada.

She’d have fit right in in Germany in the 1930s. So many people needed coaxing towards suicide, didn’t they. Look at this logical pretzel: [image] Not providing information about MAID in a “timely manner” to someone who might be eligible for MAID can create harm, Trouton’s group said.

You see, it’s positively immoral NOT to tell someone they could just kill themselves.

This is not theoretical. It’s happening all the time. And why? Ideology, like anti-human extremists like Bill Gates. But of course, money. I mean, treating someone who is sick, especially if they are old — well, that’s just too costly! We need that money to hire more public health officers to tell us about global warming or Covid-19, even though it’s no longer 19, it’s 2022.

Another case of a sick Canadian offered death instead of treatment — this time, a veteran. A veteran seeking help with PTSD and a traumatic brain injury was instead offered the prospect of assisted death.

Yeah, you bet. I mean, he’s just a military veteran. And you know how they are. I think these stories are linked. I think it’s because government, and the state, is in charge of medicine. Doctors were silenced during the pandemic. Anyone who dissented from Big Government or Big Pharma was suspended as a doctor. Doctors are part of the state now; and so is your body.

They’ll tell you what you can do with yourself. And what you can’t. And they’ll also tell you when they think it’s more convenient for you to just end things.

I mean, it would be positively immoral for them not to.

GUEST: Allum Bokhari from Breitbart on the latest of Twitter news.


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