Is China now preparing to invade Taiwan?

Gordon G. Chang joined Ezra to discuss the prospect of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Gordon G. Chang (follow @GordonGChang on Twitter) joined Ezra to discuss his recent Newsweek piece, China Now Preparing To Invade Taiwan.

Explaining some actions he believes ought to be taken, Gordon told Ezra:

"Some of China's weapons are actually better than America's. So for instance, their cruise missiles, they travel faster. They've got longer range, and that's critical because that can keep the U.S. Navy away from Taiwan, which goes to your point about, 'Can we resupply the island?' And because of that, I think the United States needs to pre-position weapons on Taiwan and actually needs to put troops there, as a trip wire.

"We were surprised, of course, about Russia invading Ukraine — and we should not be surprised about Taiwan. You know, the idea of resupplying Ukraine, that's great, but it would have been better if the Biden administration and the Trump administration had actually put more weapons into Ukraine, and more training. So this is something, a mistake we should not make twice."

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