Is Pierre Poilievre secretly aligned with the World Economic Forum? Here's what we know

Rebel News’ Drea Humphrey walks readers through some of the facts and fiction circulating online regarding allegations that federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has ties to the World Economic Forum.

Is Pierre Poilievre secretly aligned with the World Economic Forum? Here's what we know
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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Last week, during his "Axe the Tax" press conference in Vancouver, I put a question to Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre that many have since thanked me for asking.

The question? "Does your pledge to ban cabinet ministers from being associated with, or involved with, the WEF expand to those you hire as staff, as well as advisers?"

Before I recap Poilievre's response, which began with an assertive "yes" followed by a verbal spanking of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and before I go through some of the allegations circulating about the Tory leader's “secret ties” to WEF despite his denouncing of it, let me explain why I asked the question in the first place.

I asked it for you.

Those of you concerned with foreign globalist entities and out-of-touch oligarchs cooking up 'billions for me, bugs for you' type initiatives that often rely on the encroachment on our nation’s sovereignty to be executed.

Those of you who are healthy skeptics of the WEF and its James Bond villain-like founder, Klaus Schwab, who bragged about penetrating political cabinets practically within the same breath as he gushed over how very proud he is of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

And, of course, those of you who state-choice media deems as far-right “conspiracy theorists” for merely questioning where a political leader’s allegiance truly lies when they align themselves with such an organization, or in Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s case, sit on the board of trustees for the WEF.

So, will the leader of the Opposition be any different from the cheerleading we see from the Trudeau Liberals if Poilievre's party forms government?

Even before Poilievre won his bid for Conservative leader, questions from Canadians surrounding the MP's alleged ties to the globalist organization were swirling.

While much of what circulates online to suggest Poilievre is connected to the WEF is out of context — such as doctored images that falsely show Poilievre as having been a WEF Young Global Leader — or the assertion that he is guilty of aligning with the WEF by association to any Conservative colleague that was previously linked to the organization, there are some facts that are worthy of an eyebrow raise.

Although it’s now been removed, Poilievre’s name was previously listed on the WEF's website.

Additionally, while the MP shouldn’t reasonably be expected to have complete control over who the voters elect as his Conservative colleagues, it's also true that Poilievre chose former MP and WEF Young Global Leader alumnus John Baird to be his campaign co-chair during his leadership bid.

Those two points serving as the premise to my question last week. Alongside acknowledging that on numerous occasions Poilievre has denounced the WEF and pledged to ban his cabinet ministers from being involved with the WEF should his party form government, I probed the CPC leader on exactly who that promise applies to.

“No staff, no ministers, no MPs in my caucus will be involved whatsoever in that organization,” Poilievre firmly responded. “It is a group of high-flying, high-tax, high-carbon hypocrites who all got on their private jets to fly off to a remote sky village, to talk about how working-class people should not be allowed to heat their homes or drive their pick-up trucks. I’m not going to work for a group of globalist billionaires who serve their interests at the expense of everyone else,” he added.

While Poilievre’s statement settles his current position as to the degree of penetrating the WEF will likely be able to continue doing if the next election brings on a Conservative government, it didn’t touch on why Poilievre himself was listed on the website of an organization he’s so vehemently condemned.

In response to a follow-up question I posed to the opposition leader’s office post press conference; the party’s director of media relations told Rebel News the following:

Mr. Poilievre has never had any involvement with the World Economic Forum. The use of his name or image on any World Economic Forum website has never been authorized.

The statement aligns with an explanation Pierre Poillievre, alongside his wife Anaida Poilievre, offered to one of thousands of Canadians he has taken questions from while on the campaign trail for prime minister.

“The truth is I don’t know exactly why they put me there, but I did have my staff email them and ask them why it was there; the only explanation that they had that made any sense was that they had republished an article of mine or something like that,” he stated in footage capturing the conversation and posted on X (formerly Twitter) from an account called PPCNews24.

In 2022, former Conservative leader and Regina-Qu'Appell MP Andrew Scheer, who has also been scrutinized for the WEF having a profile page for him on their website, issued a similar statement of explanation:

I am NOT a member of the WEF. I have never attended a meeting, conference, or any event sponsored or associated with the WEF. I have never been to Davos. I do not know why my profile was included on their Young Global Leaders website. Once it was brought to my attention, I demanded that the WEF remove me from their site. They have since complied.

During several instances, Poilievre has also clearly stated that he too has never attended any WEF meetings in Davos, and he has sometimes used the opportunity when doing so to contrast that fact against conservative values party competitor, Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada.

Another video, shared by user "mikegray287" on TikTok, captured Pierre and Anaida Poilievre responding to another citizen's concerns about the Tory leader’s perceived involvement with the WEF.

Mr. Poilievre answered the following: “unlike Maxime Bernier, I’ve never been to the Davos conference that the World Economic Forum puts on, and he’ll have to explain why he went there and what he was doing there.”

In a statement to Rebel News in preparation for this article, Bernier referred to Poilievre’s “been to Davos” comparison as “a disingenuous cheap shot.”

“He knows exactly why I went to Davos in 2008. I was there to meet with other foreign affairs ministers and discuss the situation in Afghanistan because it was convenient, not to attend the conference, which I didn’t,” Bernier added further.

A quick search on the government of Canada website website details the plans Bernier, who is also a staunch critic of the WEF, set out to achieve while travelling to Davos, Switzerland, to go attend the World Economic Forum while then serving as Canada’s minister of foreign affairs under former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper's government.

In further comment, the PPC leader added that he personally has never claimed that Mr. Poilievre has personal connections to the WEF, but questions whether Poilievre has ever repudiated Baird or Harper, who thanked Klaus Schwab for making “the World Economic Forum an indispensable part of the global conversation among leaders in politics, business, and civil society” 14 years ago.

The question remains, is Poilievre his former boss and colleague’s keeper? If elected prime minister, will he live up to his promise to ban those who make up his staff and caucus from association with the WEF and its unelected, out-of-touch oligarchs who think they know what’s best for Canadians?

Only time and the next election will tell.

Rebel News reached out to John Baird and the World Economic Forum to provide more context to this report but did not receive a response as of the publishing time for this report.

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