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'Just tell the truth': Faceless bureaucrats can't stop lying

Sheila Gunn Reid joins Rebel Roundup for a look at two stories that show how faceless bureaucrats inside the federal government just can't stop lying.

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Sit down for this one, Rebel News readers: the government lies to you. Sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's trivial.

Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid uncovered a pair of lies last week, and she joined David Menzies on Friday's edition of Rebel Roundup to go into a little more detail on the stories she broke.

Speaking about documents related to a speculated trip by Prime Minister Trudeau to the Barbados, Sheila told David:

There was a flight to Barbados, it was not the prime minister. But, if they had just old everybody it's not the prime minister, this is what we were doing — fine. But why hide that information? Why lie about this information?

And they actually joked in their communications about 'oh the conspiracy theorists are going wild on social media.' Yeah, because they're filling in the blanks, because you guys are a bunch of liars.

It was not the prime minister — but it was also nothing to lie about. Why didn't they tell everybody? I don't understand. It's like they get off on withholding information and being weirdos.

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