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Justin Watson from Wyld Archery is promising his customers that "we won't ask" about their vaccination status

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The owner of the archery pro shop and lanes in Edmonton Alberta is taking a stand for medical privacy and human rights and is going public about his rejection of the provincial vaccine passport mandate for non-essential businesses. Justin is proudly displaying his decals on his front door. He won't be asking his customers to show their papers to shoot arrows, buy merchandise or have their equipment tuned for hunting season.

The Alberta government has instituted a vaccine passport system, what Premier Jason Kenney calls restriction exemption program, after rejecting the concept for months as illegal and a violation of privacy laws.

The stance by Wyld Archery should come as no surprise to avid watchers of Rebel News. We first met Justin through our campaign when he re-opened his archery lanes against the restrictions that closed them. He also refused to risk his customers' safety by forcing them to wear masks on the lanes. Then Justin received a ticket from by-law officers for not following the public health orders and we helped him beat that fine with the help of a great lawyer at no cost to him through our civil liberties project supported by donations to the Democracy Fund at

If you're a small business owner making the commitment to mind your own business while doing business, you can get your own door decal today at

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