Kamala Harris thinks solar energy will help the U.S. military win wars

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What is the purpose of a military? Seems like a simple question. I’m pretty sure it’s to destroy the other side — to do violence. There are other values in society — fairness, inclusion, being nice, not being rude, etc. Let’s call it politeness or social graces. Those are not valuable in an army. Really the only thing valuable is winning — by being tougher stronger faster smarter than the other guys.

In a way it’s like sports — it’s a kind of meritocracy. There are no excuses — either you win or you don’t. There’s no affirmative action for short basketball players or for fat marathon runners. Pure achievement.

I know that’s not nice, but the job of the military is not to be nice.

But let's take a look at how the U.S. military is marketing itself these days. The U.S. military is no longer about killing bad guys. It’s no longer about beating Russians or Chinese. They seem to think inclusivity and equity will help them win wars. 

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