Lawsuit against RCMP being prepped after officers sabotaged excavators during Coutts blockade

After three excavators were sabotaged by RCMP over fears they could be used at the Coutts border blockade, Williamson Law confirms that preparations for the filing of a statement of claim are occurring.

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On February 13, we found out that RCMP sabotaged three excavators near the town of Coutts, Alberta. This happened as the ‘Coutts Blockade’ — a peaceful protest against vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions which took place around January 29–February 15 this year — was ongoing near the local international border crossing.

Williamson Law has been assisting these individuals all made possible through your generous crowdfunding efforts via and he informs us today about their expected filing of a statement of claim.

Before being rendered inoperable, Mounties allegedly asked the owners of the excavators to move the equipment out of sight from the highway where the blockade was ongoing. The owners obliged and moved the excavators onto private property in the surrounding area.

RCMP then sabotaged the three excavators by cutting cables, removing parts and inserting spray foam in fuel lines. The police say this was done “to prevent the equipment from being used in the illegal activity of the blockade.”

Lawyer Chad Williamson confirms in our latest interview for the three excavators, “We continue to make preparations for the filing of a statement of claim.”

Since the beginning of the blockade over half a year ago, Williamson Law was there for those in attendance, acting as legal counsel for protesters and as an intermediary between police and demonstrators. Their support is made possible by generous donors like yourself, who have helped us at Rebel News crowdfund this legal defence through

In terms of the excavators, as Williamson mentions, they have two years from the RCMP sabotage to file their statement of claim.

But there’s something big coming up that you should know about.

Three individuals who the RCMP alleges to be ‘key participants’ of the Coutts Blockade were recently charged with mischief over $5,000 in relation to demonstrations near the Coutts border crossing.

One of those individuals is a Fort Macleod town councillor, and is expected to appear before the Public Order Emergency Commission as a witness within the next few weeks. Williamson Law has been defending these individuals tirelessly, and after a recent court appearance, it was determined that the case would be adjourned until November 4, at which time we will find out more about the situation these three men now face.

Only through your support is Rebel News able to crowdfund Williamson Law to help defend these three charged in relation to the blockade.

UPDATE: Rebel News is crowdfunding the legal defence for Alex Van Herk and George Janzen.

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