Lawsuit seeking $10.5 million in damages cites CBC and public servants for COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

An Alberta woman has filed a $10.5 million dollar lawsuit against the mainstream media and government officials who touted the 'safe and effective' marketing campaign of COVID-19 injections that left her permanently disabled.

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Lawyer Eva Chipiuk has recently filed a $10.5 million lawsuit on behalf of her client, Carrie Sakamoto.

Sakamoto has suffered a laundry list of debilitating physical, neurological and psychological impairments as a result of her Pfizer COVID-19 injections.

The suit names Federal Minister of Health Yves Duclos, Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam, Director of Health Canada Celia Lourenco and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as defendants.

Documents published detail a cross-examination of Lourenco, whose affidavit confirms that she “made the decision to authorize the COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).”

The lawsuit claims negligence, stating that the officials provided information they knew to be false and incomplete and that they censored and suppressed truthful and reliable information about vaccine injuries.

It further alleges misfeasance in public office by health officials.

“There was bad faith. They knew that there was no requirement [through Emergency Use Authorization] that the vaccines be safe or effective, yet they promoted them as such,” explains Chipiuk.

As a result, the mother of three has had her life turned upside down. “Overnight, she was unable to walk, unable to eat, unable to live independently,” says Chipiuk, “and she is still dealing with a lot of these issues.”

In addition to the physical and mental losses, Sakamoto suffered financial loss.

She was forced to sell her rural farm property, proving the magnitude of how the injury has impacted her life.

“They had to quickly sell off their farm — at a loss — and move so that she could go to appointments,” details Chipiuk. “It’s really a devastating story.”

The federal government’s newly developed Vaccine Injury Support Program — that was capped six months into the rollout — modestly compensated Sakamoto.

Chipiuk explains that Sakamoto was diagnosed [with a vaccine injury] in hospital. “It was immediately reported to Ottawa under the [VISP] program,” she says. “It took nearly two years to get recognition and any acknowledgement of it. From what I heard from Carrie, it was a constant fight.”

“I use the word vulnerable. With the COVID pandemic, that’s really how a lot of Canadians felt — vulnerable. Who put them in that vulnerable position? That was our government officials — public health officials — that were instilling vulnerability in people and they were instructed to take something to help manage this, and that goes back to how the lawsuit has been drafted.”

A major component of the lawsuit is government accountability and determining who is responsible for her injury — Sakamoto, or the government that implored her to take the vaccine?

“There was no other reason for her to take the vaccine except for the messaging that was received from the government through the CBC,” Chipiuk reinforces. “How do we make this better to ensure that this never happens again? If there are no lawsuits, if there is no accountability, can we expect this again next year?”

The lawsuit includes $5-million for general damages, $2.5-million dollars worth of special damages and an additional $3 million in punitive damages as a result of the suffering faced by Sakamoto.

In addition to legal fees, Sakomoto will need psychological and comprehensive medical assessments to move forward through the courts.

Concerned citizens can visit the Empowered Canadians website and the Institute for Freedom and Justice, both organizations that are working to increase government accountability through litigation that upholds good governance and the protection of individual rights and freedoms, to stay up to date and assist in this case.

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