WATCH: Lawyer slams family court system RIGGED against fathers

Interview highlights the troubling trends in Australian custody battles.

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A prominent family lawyer with two decades of experience has shed light on alarming trends within the Australian family court system, suggesting that the country may be the worst place for fathers seeking custody of their children post-separation.

The lawyer's insights paint a distressing picture of a system that appears to favour mothers and encourages deception.

In the candid discussion, the lawyer expressed deep concern about the impact of the current family court system on separated families, particularly fathers.

He revealed that numerous men have confided in him, expressing thoughts of self-harm due to the traumatic and biased nature of the process.

The lawyer's observations resonate with the experiences shared by many men who have navigated the system.

He says the formula, outlined in my recent video, accurately encapsulates the strategies often employed by women during custody battles.

The video's contents sparked intense reactions from various quarters, including feminists who vehemently contested its claims.

The lawyer highlighted several unsettling aspects of the family court system, including the prevalence of false allegations, especially those related to domestic violence.

He stated that lying within the system is incentivised and that there are insufficient consequences for those who fabricate stories. He further indicated that child support can inadvertently incentivise one parent to keep the children away from the other to maximise financial gains.

One of the most heart-wrenching outcomes of the system's shortcomings is the suffering endured by innocent children, grandparents, and extended families of separated fathers.

Children are often deprived of meaningful relationships with their fathers and their paternal relatives, perpetuating a cycle of emotional distress and family alienation.

The lawyer stressed that change is imperative to rectify the system's flaws. He called for more significant consequences for those who lie within the court proceedings, potentially curbing the misuse of false allegations.

He also emphasised that the current decisions concerning custody arrangements are often made by the wrong individuals, further entrenching the system's inequities.

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