Legal challenge to Ontario's youth sports vaccine mandate

Tamara Ugolini joins Rebel Roundup to talk about legal action being taken through to challenge the Ontario Hockey Federation's vaccine mandate for minor hockey players.

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Recently, Tamara Ugolini has spoken with a concerned parent who, through, is fighting the Ontario Hockey Federation's vaccine mandate for minor hockey players in the province. In spite of Premier Ford's statement that youth sports would not have vaccine passports, many leagues like the OHF have chosen to simply go above and beyond the province's already strong restrictions.

Tamara joined David Menzies on last week's edition of Rebel Roundup for a discussion on this father's fight and the hypocrisy in treatment given to youth sports compared to professional athletes.

Struggling to understand why organizations like the OHF are willing to put their participants at risk, Tamara said:

I just can't make sense of it, but I hope that as more of these public figures come forward and take a stand against it, maybe, just maybe, we stand a chance of the house of cards coming down.

But, I mean, to put these youth — especially young, adolescent males at risk for myocarditis and pericarditis — especially as they go out onto the ice to exert themselves and workout their heart, this is a potentially very dangerous thing that we're doing to these young men.

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