Leslyn Lewis on: the WEF, the ArriveCAN app, Tamara Lich & Freedom

'We have a prime minister who decided that he was going to use COVID as a political opportunity to divide,' said the Conservative leadership candidate.

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Conservative leadership candidate, Dr. Leslyn Lewis held an event last week, across from the Toronto Pearson Airport.

Many people gathered to hear what Dr. Lewis had to say. The Conservative candidate touched on many topics, such as pro-life, freedom of expression, Klaus Schwab, and the divide of vaccines among family members:

I spoke in churches where people are not speaking to each other because of their vaccination status. Parents not talking to children and all of this has been fueled because we had a prime minister who decided that he was going to use COVID as a political opportunity to divide.

Rebel News spoke to many supporters and got their opinion on why they support Lewis, and how she differs from other candidates.

A Toronto mom said that she was excited to be there to see a candidate who represent the same views and values as her:

I've talked to a lot of women my age, you know, whether they're working moms, stay at home moms that really don't feel like they have a voice and aren't really represented in our current government. And they're really concerned about issues like religious freedom, parental freedom. These are really, really important to us. So it's really exciting to see a candidate, a woman, a mother who's representing those values.

Dr. Lewis spoke to us on both Tamara Lich being imprisoned, as well as her solutions to the airport chaos.

"Well, I would get rid of the Arrive Canada app," said Lewis. "I would make sure that we get rid of our agreement with the World Economic Forum for the known digital I.D. Program. And I would make sure that we go back to the way that we were doing things and put in mechanisms to keep people safe."

Watch the video for the full report.

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