Liberals: We have no idea when the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion will be completed

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When will the embattled Transmountain pipeline be done? How much of the pipeline is already done? How much pipe is in the ground?

Those are good questions that the owners of a pipeline, us, deserve to know the answers to. However, the Liberals have no information to give on the progress of the 4.5 billion dollar state owned pipeline from Edmonton to the West Coast.

Alberta Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs asked the order paper question:

With regard to the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project: (a) what specific sections of the project have been completed to date; (b) which specific sections of the project are expected to be completed in 2020; and (c) what is the current expected completion date for the project?

Those are some very specific questions that require some very specific answers. A normal pipeline company would know a construction time. The Liberals owned this pipeline, they should know these things.

Liberal MP Sean Fraser, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance had to deliver the bad news:

As of December 6, 2019, the date of the question, TMC has not completed construction at any individual segment or terminal. As of that date, construction at Westridge terminal is the most advanced.

No part of Transmountain, not any one of the seven segments and five terminals has been completed or has even gotten anywhere near completion.

How many times have we celebrated “shovels in the ground” so far?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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