Mainstream media journalists would never lie to you... right?

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After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's campaign bus was blocked by a small group of protesters while at an event in British Columbia, a strange thing occurred. David Akin, chief political correspondent for Global News, decided to pick fights with people on Twitter by alleging that the bus was never blocked.

Seems like a strange thing to argue about, given the story was reported by an independent left-wing outlet and Rebel's own Mocha Bezirgan, who was on the ground at the scene.

Explaining what he saw on yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Mocha said:

They [the protesters] are saying Justin Trudeau is inside this bus and we're standing in front of this bus — we just want to be acknowledged. And the police is saying you'll be arrested, get out of here. If this is not blocking a bus, I don't know what is.

But also, I want to point out, Justin Trudeau, he did not acknowledge them, he did not speak to them.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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