Trudeau campaign bus blocked by Indigenous activists

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's campaign bus was blockaded by protesters at a recent stop in British Columbia — and David Akin, chief political correspondent for Global News, denied it.

Akin labelled a clip of the incident posted to social media by the environmental activists of the Dogwood initiative as “complete fake news.” Rebel News had earlier posted footage of the bus being blocked from leaving.

Trudeau was in Victoria, B.C. for a campaign stop on August 19. I was at the event, where I captured video of the Liberal campaign bus being physically blockaded by indigenous rights protesters and heckling Trudeau as he entered the bus after the rally wrapped up.

The blockade resulted in the prime minister being evacuated from the bus after approximately a 30-minute delay, at least. Trudeau left the bus wearing a black jacket and was escorted back into the event area with his personal RCMP security detail following suit.

On Saturday, bailout-recipient journalist for Global News, David Akin, tweeted that reports of Trudeau’s bus being blockaded was “complete fake news,” adding that the campaign bus was “not blocked ever.”

In response to bailout-recipient journalist Akin’s tweet, I published a longform video time lapse from my two-camera shoot. The video documented the protest, which disrupted the Liberal campaign bus for around 30 minutes.

Other Rebel reporters also chimed in on Akin's remarks.

I finally asked where Akin was on that day and why he didn't leave the Liberal media bus to report on the news himself.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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