Making a difference through music | Five Times August's Brad Skistimas

Brad Skistimas told Sheila Gunn Reid how the Freedom Convoy inspired his newest single, 'This Just In'.

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Brad Skistimas is a musician who, during the pandemic, has produced many inspirational anthems celebrating liberty and critical carols for lockdown enforcers. Through his band Five Times August, Skistimas is driven to make a difference in the world as Western governments have moved to restrict civil liberties through the COVID pandemic.

Skistimas joined Sheila Gunn Reid on this week's episode of The Gunn Show to talk about his newest single, This Just In, and what led to him penning an ode to the Freedom Convoy.

Skistimas told Sheila:

You could see what was happening as it was happening [during the protest from livestreams]. You're seeing the bounce houses and these unifying moments of singing and song, and at the same time the media still have the gall to turn it on its head and make it out to be this evil thing.

And then the leader of the country bails on these people and doesn't even talk to them and runs away and says 'I've got COVID' or something.

I just found that fascinating. I was really inspired by the convoy in general and I had other projects I had been working on at the time, at the beginning of it all, to show some support.

By the time the police got involved, it sort of changed the tone and I had to set those aside and I came back around and wrote this one which takes aim at Justin Trudeau, but at the same time is also a message of support for the Canadian freedom fighters to just keep going and keep standing up for what you believe in.

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