Mayor Adams has had enough with the NYC migrant crisis

Independent photographer Leeroy Johnson gave Ezra the latest on the overwhelming amount of illegal immigrants arriving in New York City, who are changing the city for the worse and giving Democrat politicians buyer's remorse on their ‘sanctuary city’ promises.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra spoke with independent photographer Leeroy Johnson about the ongoing migrant crisis in NYC where illegals are sleeping on the sidewalk due to no space in the 'sanctuary' city.

Leeroy agreed with Ezra that NYC is starting to change for the worse:

You're right, New York City is starting to change a little bit and it's getting a little more wilder, and you're correct. People have left New York and drove just because the way the streets are changing here and they're scared and the taxes and just the way is changing so drastically in the wrong direction.

Recently, I've been covering the migrant crisis and I'm the migrant reporter from New York City, and it's getting out of hand right now, completely out of hand. You have hundreds and hundreds of migrants sleeping outside in the super hot weather overnight on the streets and God forbid one of these guys died, and that'll be the end of us. We would have riots if they died.

Ezra asked where the migrants were coming from, and how they got to New York. Leeroy explained:

So a lot of them are from different countries around the world. We have them from Russia, China, Africa. Venezuela, Mexico, all, all over the world. What they do is a lot of them make their way to the southern border and then cross the southern border and either get on a plane and come here or get on a bus and come here. So that's the route I've been getting from most of the migrants and some of them actually told me they walk for thousands of miles to get here. And, some of the stories that I hear is horrible.

Ezra asked what the Mayor of New York City, Mayor Adams, is saying about the migrant crisis. Leeroy answered:

I think the mayor at this point had enough. I think he's having buyer's remorse with the sanctuary city thing. And he, he's complaining about it. He's saying we need to, we need to call a state of emergency. We need to fix the border crisis. And he's asking for more money from the federal government to help aid with the migrant crisis in New York City...they're thinking about housing migrants in Central Park and building tents there like they're doing in other locations throughout New York City. But yeah, they're, they're pissed and, and, and as I said, I speak to a lot of them and, and they're not happy with the situation.

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