Meat haters gather on Parliament Hill to protest in favour of veganism

Despite regular Canadians not being able to enter Parliament Hill to celebrate the country’s birthday, vegan protesters were able to occupy the hill to promote ‘animal rights.’

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On July 3, 2022, a protest against meat occurred on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Canada.

There were about 100 protesters in attendance, from what Rebel News was able to witness. The event appeared mostly peaceful.

Multiple signs encouraging the veganism movement and vilifying farmers and meat eaters could be witnessed. “Stop Eating Meat” was one of the messages displayed on a sign, which would seem to broadly represent the whole movement.

At some point, one freedom-minded protester, who stayed near Parliament even after the Canada Day celebrations ended, approached the crowd and began advocating for the rights of all, and advocating for freedom.

After which, surprisingly, one protester from the small gathering approached the man and began agreeing with him. Among many things he claimed that if animals themselves are not free, how can anyone be free?

Finally, towards the end of the gathering, Rebel News was able to speak with one of the attendees and ask what her thoughts were on veganism. Her response was odd.

One of the things she implied is that since animals have more developed senses, such as hearing or smelling, they must feel pain even more than we humans do.

Eventually, late in the afternoon, the protesters began to leave.

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  • By Rebel News

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