Montreal police CHOKE protester during violent arrest

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The Montreal police have been caught on camera choking a protester for allegedly not wearing a mask during a demonstration. While protests against the actions of foreign governments don’t result in random police ambushes for mask compliance checks, Canadians protesting Canada’s federal and provincial governments’ COVID-19 restrictions have often been subjected to police aggression for “failing to wear a mask in a demonstration.”

The Montreal police (SPVM) became a main part of Montrealers’ daily lives when they were the enforcers of the infamous 8 p.m. curfew. They also received media scrutiny when a man was beaten by the police for allegedly not wearing his mask in an outdoor park.

In comparison to other provinces and states across North America, the Montreal police have been the strictest in enforcing COVID mandates. Their enforcement record ranges from attempting to raid a Rebel News Airbnb to punching a man multiple times over a mask infraction.

I was on the frontlines of this enforcement for months; I saw the ridiculous extent to which these thugs in uniforms are willing to go. The curfew exemption papers that I was entitled to as a journalist sometimes worked with the Montreal police and sometimes didn’t — in which case I received thousands of dollars in fines. Same story with my other colleagues. It really depended on the officer you are dealing with. Some of the officers refer to us as “Jew Media” or ask about us, “Is that a Jew?” And they frequently targeted the city’s Orthodox Jewish community, ticketing Hasidic Jews for breaking the curfew by walking with their children at night.

Alex Bowes, who went to Canada’s largest anti-lockdown demonstration in Montreal on May 1, was one of the few who endured police violence out of tens of thousands of protesters. The incident unfolded in front of the eyes of his family members.

“How do you protect and serve people by beating them?” Alex asked.

The SPVM refused to comment on the incident, saying only: “The SPVM is not used to comment [on] police interventions shared on social networks and won’t comment [on] the issuance of tickets in the public square.” Despite having handed out 6,092 tickets that are worth $9.2 million in total.

Rebel News has retained a lawyer to fight Alex’s obstruction charge and his $1,550 fine through our largest civil liberties campaign ever, Make sure to donate there to help Alex and nearly 2,000 other Canadians fight their lockdown fines and charges. And for more reporting on lockdowns across Canada, visit

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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