MONTREAL PROTEST: Reporters, locals swept up by lockdown enforcement

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This past weekend, after covering several continuous weeks of Montreal’s lockdown and curfew enforcement, we went back again! Mocha, head of video Efron and I ventured up from Toronto to once again cover what the mainstream media purposely ignores. You won’t believe what happened this week! We thought last week, when our entire team was ticketed multiple times, was bad… This week was unbelievable. “The collective forces of the nation are perverted,” Mocha said last week, and that is ever so evident in this report.

The anti-lockdown protest began in downtown Montreal at 1 p.m. local time. Within minutes of dropping off my colleagues Mocha and Efron while I looked for parking, they were targeted immediately by Montreal’s finest, the SPVM. The police detained and ticketed them both $1,550 for “not wearing a mask during a demonstration.” It was crazy. But don’t take my word for it, here’s the short clip we showcased over the weekend:

After that, we continued reporting despite the $3,000 setback. However, thanks to viewers like yourselves, we’ll be able to crowdfund a legal defence to fight back against these unjust tickets. 

Demonstrators at the protest recognized Mocha and I and thanked us for giving them much needed coverage. The local media in Montreal don’t care to report what’s happening in their own city. Even other locals on the street were showing support for the protesters as they marched through downtown.

Then the unbelievable happened. An hour passed, and despite a positive vibe from the entirely peaceful demonstrators, the Montreal police pounced. They deployed several dozen armed riot police and arrested a lone protester. Efron followed the arrest and continued filming calmly behind the police line.

As we know from the past, Montreal police HATE IT when you film them committing unjust arrests. After a few seconds, riot police collapsed on Efron and without any reason given, immediately detained and grabbed him behind the police line. They attempted to prevent Mocha and myself from following our own colleague’s arrest, and threatened to arrest us for doing so. I maneuvered around the crowd and recorded a different angle of Efron that shows him being handcuffed while the police wrote up another unjust fine, failure for “not wearing a mask for demonstrating.”

Minutes after, the police said, “They told us you’re Rebel News, and you’re part of the protest,” and detained and grabbed me away to be ticketed for the same bogus reasons. Mocha, the lone videographer left, recorded this all while asking the police why they were arresting journalists, before immediately getting detained and ticketed as well.

Hard to believe, throughout all the chaos and mayhem of our civil liberties being violated, we missed one of the most egregious aspects of this story. While I was recording my colleagues being arrested, Montreal police actually asked each other “c’est un juif?” which translates to “is that a Jew?” They even recognized our Montreal-based reporter, Yanky Pollak, who they have harassed and targeted with over $10,000 in fines for his reporting throughout the curfew, despite his legitimate exemption. There are deep-seated problems in the Montreal police force.

Thanks again for all your support in sharing our coverage, and donating to cover our travel expenses and legal fees to bring you the other side of the story. To continue to support this kind of reporting, please visit

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