Nathaniel Pawlowski sets record straight on arrest scare and discusses testimony in European Parliament

Having just blasted Trudeau’s government on an international stage, Nathaniel was unsurprisingly thinking this might be their reprisal.

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Nathaniel Pawlowski, son of Pastor Artur Pawlowski who faced repeated arrests and significant time behind bars for refusing to close his church throughout Covid-19, was invited by several members of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium to testify about the loss of freedoms and the persecution of Christian pastors taking place in Canada.

The original hope had been for Pastor Artur Pawlowski to give the testimony himself, but restrictions stemming from his Critical Infrastructure Defence Act charge which resulted from the Pastor preaching at the Coutts, Alberta blockade, made the trip impossible. Nathaniel has often taken up his father’s mantle when legal restrictions or imprisonment have limited Artur’s capacity to speak, but addressing the European Parliament and an international audience was undoubtedly a major step up for the young man who is emerging as a political activist in his own right.

You can watch a clip of Nathaniel’s speech here:

After giving what many heralded as a very powerful speech to elected European officials, a speech which garnered a standing ovation from many in attendance, Nathaniel made his way back to Canada, with a layover expected in Montreal. What was unexpected, as Nathaniel relayed, was border officials notifying him that his passport had been flagged and upon further investigation that there was a warrant out for his arrest by Calgary Police Services. Officials allegedly told Nathaniel that this was a municipal matter so he’d be allowed to continue to Calgary, but that he might be arrested upon arrival.

Needless to say, this sparked a significant amount of concern for the Pawlowskis, with Artur having experienced a dramatic airport arrest once already, so Nathaniel quickly took to sharing his story with a number of media outlets online including Rebel News to ensure people were aware of what was happening. Having just blasted Trudeau’s government on an international stage, Nathaniel was unsurprisingly thinking this might be their reprisal.

We immediately reached out to Calgary Police Services who responded within a few hours stating that there were no warrants out for Nathaniel’s arrest and relayed these details to a relieved Nathaniel.

We joined Nathaniel to talk about the experience of testifying in the European Parliament and to learn what he believed caused the arrest panic that awaited him as he was trying to make his way home.

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