New WE Charity docs reveal $24,000 in payments to Sophie Trudeau

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New disclosures from the WE charity scandal reveal previously unknown payments to Sophie Trudeau totaling over $24,000.

WE was touted as the only charity in Canada with the capacity to deliver the proposed nearly $1 billion “pay for volunteerism” student bailout program.

This was despite not having any previous experience delivering programs of that type and scale. As a result, the charity came under immense scrutiny and was eventually found to have had a number of shocking conflicts of interest with the Trudeau Liberals.

The organization, run by the Kielburger brothers, paid the Trudeau family hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking engagement fees, had footed the bill for former Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s luxury voluntourism vacation, and even had employed one of Morneau's daughters.

WE closed its Canadian branches after the ties between the Trudeaus, other high profile Liberals, and the charity were revealed by Canadaland.

But a newly released list of remittances details from the charity show the full dollar amount in speaking fees and reimbursed expenses paid to the wife of the prime minister, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau:

Between February 2012 and March 2020, Sophie Trudeau attended a total of 8 WE Day events. She received a one-time speaking fee of $1,500.00 in 2012. The total amount of expenses (hospitality costs, including hotels, car service, and flights) covered for Sophie Trudeau over the 8 events she attended was $23,940.76. An additional $240 in gifts was provided to Sophie Trudeau during this time.

The revelation of Sophie being a swag hound should surprise no one paying attention. It was Sophie who was sniffing around for a free vacation in the midst of the Aga Khan-Trudeau ethics scandal!

A year after becoming Liberal leader, the Aga Khan sent a standing invitation for Trudeau and his family to visit Bells Cay, suggesting it would provide Trudeau with some private family vacation time. It was Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, who contacted the Aga Khan’s daughter about vacationing on the island in March 2016 and then over Christmas last year.

The entitlement runs deep in this family and Sophie, just like her mother in law, Margaret (Sinclair/Trudeau/Sinclair/Kemper) Trudeau, knows that their last name prints money.

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  • By Rebel News

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