NYC World Wide Rally for Freedom

Protesters marched from Times Square to Union Square, chanting warnings to passersby about medical freedom and digital passports.

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On Saturday March 19, 2022, a diverse group of protesters assembled in Times Square at the World Wide Rally for Freedom to push back against infringements on their human rights, advocating for the end of international COVID-19 restriction policies.

Protesters marched from Times Square to Union Square, chanting warnings to passersby about medical freedom, the politicization of science and medicine, Big Tech and their digital passports, and the mainstream media’s fear rhetoric, used to manipulate the masses — picking up some agreeing stragglers (and a middle finger or two) along the way.

“Essential” frontline workers, like teachers, firefighters and health-care workers, who had lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates after working tirelessly throughout the pandemic, led the pack, cheering “No Great Reset,” “No digital passports,” and “You may hate me for this, but I love you and I’m doing this for us,” amongst many other things.

Once at Times Square, there were a slew of speeches, including words from Raquel Martinez, Tramell Thompson and Max Blumenthal, who stated, “What this is about is decent working people, trying to hold on to their humanity, their basic rights, their bodily autonomy and their very sanity, in the face-off a cold soulless corporate war state that seeks to reduce every individual to a QR code…Now that they say the mandates are going away, we’re in a new war. The wars won’t go away, the emergency state won’t go away, we need to remember that two years ago, the corporate state that controls our country declared a state of emergency and launched a corporate coup that was a war on the people, everyone of you for profit.”

Contrary to the mainstream media’s official narrative, those at the rally transcended the “left/right” political spectrum, illustrating how government overreach through coronavirus policies are actually a very unifying issues, which is probably why no journalists within the legacy media were there to cover the event.

This is a universalizing working class movement to bring power back to the people.

What resonated most with me, was the amount of protesters who came up to me and told me they love Rebel News, but they couldn’t be interviewed for fear of losing their jobs, relationships with family and friends, or just because they didn’t want to be associated with some of the movement’s “delinquents,” as one woman relayed to me.

Even though I am just a reporter covering news, I too feel fear that I will be penalized simply for recording history, which shows how threatening this movement actually is to the establishment.

You can read Saturday's press release here.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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