Once a conspiracy, now reality: Sheila Gunn Reid interviews Keean Bexte from inside a COVID jail

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My friend and colleague, Keean Bexte, has been doing hard time without parole in one of Justin Trudeau’s COVID jails.

Keean was nabbed at the Calgary airport after being sent on assignment in Florida. He was doing real journalism, investigating what life is like in the Sunshine State, where Republican Governor Ron DeSantis rejected lockdowns from the very beginning. Unlike CBC’s boss lady Catherine Tait, who lives in New York yet routinely commutes back to Canada to collect her taxpayer-funded salary, Keean was not offered the same exceptions to the new forced hotel quarantine that many bail-out journalists receive, though journalism — which Keean was absolutely doing — is one of those exempt professions, like trucking or energy production.

Keean knew he would be snatched up and shuttled off to hotel hell. But, he is making the best of a terrible infringement on his rights by documenting what he experiences, from the airport testing procedures to life inside the overpriced hotel where he gets just a handful of fresh-air breaks per day out of his room, all of which come with a constant security escort.

He is the first and will probably be the only journalist in Canada who is willing to go into the belly of the beast and insert himself into one of Trudeau’s COVID jails to experience it firsthand. Keean’s mission is to offer the transparency and clarity about this system to worried travellers, who are not getting it from their own government.

Keean’s mission is not without risk. He is without his medication that he needs to take daily. Two sexual assaults are alleged to have taken place within the federal quarantine system. It’s expensive, too — in Keean’s case more than twice the cost of a similar room in the same hotel. And he says the food sucks!

I drove to Calgary after I heard that Keean had been forced against his will into a covid jail in his own city instead of being allowed to go to his own home to isolate. I interviewed Keean through the window of his room, Romeo and Juliet style, to get the whole story of what happens inside his COVID jail. These places are real, though the mainstream media has spent months claiming they were imaginary “conservative conspiracy theories.”

The outrageous hotel bills for travellers to quarantine amount to a head tax on Canadians returning to their own country. Canadians have a Charter right to come home, and locking up innocent people and treating them like Typhoid Mary is tyrannical.

To see all of Keean’s reports from inside the COVID camp system and to sign his petition calling for an end to these hotel jails, please go to www.NoCOVIDJails.com.

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