Ontario Transport Ministry liaison has answers but is not authorized to provide them

The provincial government land snatchers demand access to homeowners' property yet cannot answer straight forward questions about construction timelines and compensation amounts.

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“It’s a white elephant,” the Port Hope homeowner previously told Rebel News about his property that is being subject to an Ontario government land grab under the guise of highway 401 lane “improvement” initiatives.

But when will the land grab take place and, just how much of the homeowner's property will be acquired by the Ontario government? The real estate liaison says he has the answers and yet… he is not allowed to share them.

Gary and Diane Sheppard are set to have their property acquired for the second time in less than 20 years as part of a $25 Billion highway expansion and rehabilitation project by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

The initiative will see several bridges along the easterly 401 corridor in Port Hope, Ontario reinvigorated while widening the existing six lanes of highway into 10 by the year 2050.

The widening will have Canada’s busiest and fastest-moving highway a mere 14 meters from the Sheppards' backdoor.

The Sheppards' claim that the realtor liaison acting on behalf of the provincial government won’t answer any of their questions and has yet to offer any form of compensation, despite making demands of them and requiring repeated access to their property.

Rebel News had previously reached out to Tyler Andress, the real estate officer assigned to the Sheppards' file, asking straightforward questions like when construction is set to begin, whether there is a criterion that establishes safe living distances from major roadways, as well as how and when will affected homeowners receive compensation, etcetera.

Andress did not respond via e-mail so we called him directly.

He said that he has the answers to the questions but he isn’t allowed to share them due to the gatekeeping bureaucracy and complexity of the project.

Despite stating that he would get the answers that he thinks are important, Andress did not follow up and instead directed follow-up questions to the Ministry of Transportation’s media relations e-mail.

They did not respond to our questions.

It would appear that the government land snatchers can come in and demand unlimited access to your property whenever they want, demand that you acquiesce to their requirements, but the moment you ask reasonable and rational questions, there is the red tape riddled gatekeeping bureaucracy to navigate through, whose salaries you pay for.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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