Parental concerns mount as rogue school boards defend radical gender ideology

The waters of public education have been muddied by ideologues, but more and more parents want to be at the decision-making table to ensure a return to a real, tangible curriculum.

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The issue of sexualization and inappropriate ideation under the guise of gender identity and sexual orientation has many parents increasingly concerned. Instead of partnering with parents to address valid concerns of appropriateness and necessity, school boards have gone rogue and denounce them as hateful transphobic bigots.

It’s an issue that is receiving international attention as censorious school boards block parental delegations and education ministers turn a blind eye. That’s why Rebel News is revamping our campaign at

There appears to be a clear proliferation of radical schoolboards going rogue — from implementing ideological theories like affirming the social transition of children without their parents knowledge to soliciting the gender identity and sexual orientation of minors through school administered surveys.

Parents have questioned who is responsible for approving heavily sexualized books, with adult content and in some instances even pornographic depictions, found in school libraries. But they are silenced for simply questioning the appropriateness or necessity of all of these ideologues.

Transwoman Julia Malott previously took to a school board meeting to address a dangerous board policy that keeps parents in the dark about their child’s identity struggles, where she explains that identity is nuanced and complex, noting that school counselors and teachers are not equipped to deal with the psychiatric intricacies.

At least one province is affirming normalcy, so we know it’s possible. New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs recently reinforced the province's commitment to a safe learning environment that partners with parents instead of works against them.

“We believe parents must engage and clearly indicate their support for the role they play in guiding children in these very vulnerable stages of their life,” Higgs’ statement on Twitter reads.

And the majority of the parents in the province agree, according to one pollster. A small fringe minority of less than one fifth, a mere 18%, responded that schools shouldn’t keep parents informed of at school identity woes.

Email your minister of education today to have your voice heard and demand a public education that reflects a tangible curriculum, not theorized ideologues.

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