Patrick Brown RETURNS to hockey rink: Different ice time, different Mercedes — new lies!

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Holy mackinaw! Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown actually returned to the Earnscliffe Recreation Centre with his buddies (cronies? lackeys?) to play some pickup hockey (which he denied he was doing last week.)

You may recall that that Mayor Brown was simply there to “check out” the facility (even though his hockey bag was there); that excuse later changed when Brown said he was just popping by to say hi to his friends (but, um, they were on the ice playing hockey.)

In any event, they don’t call Brown “Sneaky Patrick” for nothing, because he did indeed return to the rink on Wednesday – but at an earlier time, so that we were too late to scrum him going into the rink (which was heavily guarded by Paladin security guards in case Your Grace was asked any impolite questions.)

But before he sped away in a different Mercedes being driven by a different chauffeur (you see, not only does Patrick not carry his own hockey bag, he can’t be bothered driving a horseless carriage, either – that’s for the little people) we had a very brief discussion with the Mayor.

Notably, he doubled down on defamatory comments, calling me “Islamophobic.”

Why? Oh, evidently it was because I asked last week if his uber-rich pal, Walied Soliman, paid for the ice. And evidently, because Soliman is a Muslim, apparently asking questions him is… Islamaphobic? (News flash for Brown: I still would’ve asked the question if Walied was a Christian, Jew, Scientologist or Pastafarian.)

Alas, no interview was granted.

So allow me to pose some of the questions I would’ve asked his worship had he not scurried away into the Peel Region hinterland:

  • You said you where there to check out the facility. Did it pass your inspection?
  • Why did you say we claimed to be with MapleLeafsTV when nobody said that?
  • Why did you say you got to the rink at 5:50 when you were there before 5:25?
  • You deny that the orange Wayne Gretzky hockey bag is yours, even though it has your name on it. If that is the case, who’s bag is it? How did it get to the arena yet remained unpacked at game time?
  • Who has the permit for this ice rental? What was the cost? Can we see the permit? How were you able to change the time this week?

Mr. Brown, I invite you to sit down with me any time, anywhere, so that we can have a proper and civil interview.

Or do you just plan to run away from the media for the rest of your political career?

Can you help us cover the costs of our lawyer's letter demanding an investigation in to Patrick Brown's bylaw violations? Please visit for ALL of our coverage on the Brampton mayor and to help chip in to cover the cost of this report.

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  • By David Menzies

Sneaky Patrick

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