INSANE FOOTAGE: Police blame VICTIMS but new video tells different story

Melbourne Jewish man knocked to the ground and threatened to be killed by anti-Israel protesters is banned from the city 'for his own safety'.

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An Australian Jew attending a Melbourne council meeting was assaulted by anti-Israel protesters and then removed from the area by police, sparking questions about antisemitism and police intervention.

Mark insists he held no intention to provoke the crowd. He arrived with a valid ticket and was attempting to enter the meeting when he encountered a group of Palestinian demonstrators blocking the entrance.

He denies claims that he and his companions waved Israeli flags, insisting they were trying to access the meeting.

According to Mark and corroborating footage, the demonstrators physically assaulted him and his friend Yaacov while police allegedly stood by without intervening on his behalf.

Mark requested police apprehend his attackers; they instead dragged him away and banned him from Melbourne City for 24 hours.

Victoria Police say that Mark and his companion were removed for their own safety as they 'lacked valid tickets' and remarkably claimed that no assault was reported at the time.

Mark (and the footage) vehemently disputes this, stating he showed his ticket and that the assault was clearly visible.

The incident has ignited controversy, raising concerns about rising antisemitism and the adequacy of police response.

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