Political elite aren't worried about COVID but they think you should be scared and locked down

Even the Queen is following the lockdown rules so why do politicians think they're above them?

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On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra talks about how the ruling class continuously break their own rules. 

It's funny how they apologize when they're caught but the only thing they're really sorry about is getting caught.

Take this announcement from Kate Josephs for example.

She threw herself a huge going away party when the government was in lockdown! And all she had to say was, “I am truly sorry."

It shows that —obviously — no-one in power is actually worried about COVID. Haven't been since the first few weeks — two weeks to flatten the curve — nowhere in the free world was the curve not flattened. Everything after those first two weeks was theatre. We knew very early that masks didn’t work; that the disease focused on seniors; and to be clear, fat seniors with underlying health problems. It’s about the same level of terrifying as the annual flu, and the Omicron variant is less terrifying.

You know that. You don’t think they know that?

Like Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio on a yacht, they know it. Like Boris Johnson and the rest of them at their garden parties, they know it. Like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, they know it.

You know it. But you know your place — your place is to obey. They want you locked away in your homes out of fear while they enjoy their lives with the rest of the ruling class.

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