Pro-oil children's book : Meet Oscar The Little Pumper's bestselling author Lucas Wurtz

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For two weeks, the top book in the Children’s Short Stories category on the Global Amazon site was a pro-oil and gas book written by a dad who works in the North Dakota oil patch.

Imagine my pleasant surprise to learn this news, after nearly three years of being told that the only acceptable discussion around fossil fuels to be had with kids must be led by little teenage truant climate scold, Greta Thunberg.

Oscar the Little Pumper is the new kids' book written by Lucas Wurtz of Plaza, North Dakota. He’s a facilities specialist for Marathon Oil with a little boy of his own. Lucas wrote the book to tell the world, and especially kids, how important oil and gas are in our everyday lives and how the people in the industry work hard to feed their families and keep society functioning.

“I just thought maybe this would bring a little bit of awareness to the kids and maybe even the parents when they’re reading the book to their kids, " Lucas said. “While I think renewable stuff is awesome, like wind turbines and all that... there’s no replacement for petroleum products like plastic. And I just think it’s a lot of things that people just take for granted and they don’t really think about.”

One Amazon reviewing dad summed it up best: It's nice to have something to read to the kids that doesn't make me out to be the devil!

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