Pro-Hamas activist says Hamas is 'legitimate, popular’ and 'elected democratically by the Palestinians'

Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed a recent video in which Rebel News interviewed a pro-Hamas activist named Firas Al Nijim at Celebration Square on Remembrance Day.

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Rebel News conducted an interview with Firas Al Nijim, a pro-Hamas activist, at Celebration Square on Remembrance Day. During the interview, he shared strong opinions about individuals who label Hamas as terrorists.

Referring to Hamas, Firas Al Nijim said, "We don't call them terrorists. We can't even say that they're anti-terrorists. Hamas is legitimate. It's popular, it’s elected democratically by the Palestinians."

He continued:

They're obviously blockaded and divided from the West Bank. So they can't really unite with the West Bank. Same with Islamic Jihad.

These are legitimate political parties and they are also legitimate resistance and also in the West Bank, some of these small groups or people that do individual operations to fight the Israeli occupation.

They are also respected people and they're honored people.

"So he's actually against Canadian soldiers," Ezra commented. "He's against World War One and World War Two and Korea and Afghanistan. The real heroes he says are the terrorists, the only soldiers he says we should respect are those who died in peacekeeping, not ones who actually fought for our freedoms. He wants to take remembrance day, wring out the things we remember and turn it into a Hamas day here."

Firas Al Nijim continued to say that the "Ukrainians are legitimate resistance against Russia."

"But when the Palestinians rise up, they call them terrorists and we are against that fully and we denounce that and we are going to clarify that situation to the Canadian government and to the Canadian public that the Palestinian resistance has a right," he added.

Ezra concluded that "Hamas are terrorist groups, that's not a matter of opinion. That is what they do. That's a fact of law in Canada, they are officially listed as terrorist groups."

This is only an excerpt of last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. To watch the full episode, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

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