Donald Trump Jr. delivers message to Canada at Rumble LIVE in Toronto

'It feels like the truckers are actually leading the charge of patriotism and freedom in our countries,' he said.

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Donald Trump Jr. cautioned Canadians about increasing censorship, government overreach, and woke ideology at this year's Rumble LIVE event in Toronto.

The former president's son discussed the perils of excessive government power and the danger of Trudeau's Online Harms Act as he spoke to hundreds of attendees at the free speech conference.

Speaking about the increase in pronoun policing and transgender madnesss taking place in Canada, Trump Jr. said, "So how do I know if they're Zim/Zer or they/them or she/it — they're 'gender fluid.'" 

"They're going to make people go to jail over this. Someone comes up to me with a beard — I'm supposed to know? Or I'm supposed to conform to their every whim at any second whenever they deem they can flip back and forth. What kind of insanity is this?"

Trump Jr. went on to say "Hey, if you want to be trans as an adult, I don't give a crap. I don't want to pay for it, I don't want to hear about it ad nauseum, I don't think you're special, I don't think I have to conform to whatever the hell it is you want me to conform [to] at the time. And stay the hell away from our toddlers."

He also discussed how a large number of people who previously didn't consider themselves conservative are changing their minds and looking to support his father in the upcoming election.

"The amount of people that would have never voted Republican or would have never been Trump that are coming up to me and being like 'Hey man, I was really wrong, these people are out of their damn minds' is astonishing," he said.

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