WATCH: Protester stands his ground against 'corrupt' cops

Nick Patterson says he is more committed than ever to seeking justice

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Nick Patterson has vowed to take his 'fight against police corruption' all the way.

The former gym owner was jailed for 29 days after confronting photo of him appearing to punch a police officer made headlines across the nation.

While the mainstream media aired the perfectly-timed image to portray Patterson in a negative light, police bodycam footage later corroborated Patterson's version of events.

He was released on harsh bail conditions and charged by police. 

Victoria Police later even threatened me with jail if Rebel News didn't remove the bodycam footage from our website.

Now with a 10-day trial set to begin on November 14, Patterson said he is more committed than ever to seeking justice. 

"I've held a very strong position against the government's mandates from the very beginning through the whole Covid scenario and I've been targeted for that reason," he said.

"I really believe that I've been put in this position for a reason because I won't back down and I'll go all the way with this and I want to change the system."

Patterson said that he is confident that, with the public behind him, he has an extremely strong case and wants his case to set a precedent.

"I can prove their systemic failure. I can prove that the police have been writing false statements to put people in jail, they did that to me, I can prove that they've used bail as a way to silence political dissenters," he said.

"I can prove it, there's no way that they can deny this.

"They're still trying to charge me which ... it's ridiculous to pursue those charges because there's no evidence of them."

You can follow Nick's case in detail at, a website he's set up to detail and provide updates on his legal fight.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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