Protesters heckling Trudeau Liberals across Canada

David Menzies and Andrew Chapados discuss the continued heckling of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some of his ministers as they campaign across Canada.

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A common theme emerging during this federal election campaign has been the consistent boos, heckles and jeers that greet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some noteworthy members of his Liberal Party as they host rallies across the country.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, hosts David Menzies and Andrew Chapados gave their thoughts on this continuing trend along with the inability of Canada's mainstream media to understand why people could be so upset with the prime minister.

Speaking about how the media just doesn't get the reasons behind Trudeau and other Liberals seeing an angry backlash, David Menzies said:

There's two things at play here, I think. Since they're getting bought and paid for, with all the federal government bailouts to the mainstream media, they can't imagine someone disliking him.

Secondly, they maintain the narrative of who is paying this mob to show up? They've got to be paid. Paid agents as opposed to this being organic anger at Justin Trudeau, and they think that way, Andrew, because they are being paid.

If they're being paid, they assume that counter protests — people who are anti-Trudeau — well, obviously there's no other answer: they must be paid shills too.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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