RCMP visit reporter AT HOME for publishing story critical of Trudeau government

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s police officers just knocked on my door and threatened me. They pulled out an old tweet of mine and told me not to go one step further in my publications that expose their boss, Trudeau.

If I worked for the CBC, the cops wouldn’t have come to my door at my home. But then again, if I worked for the CBC, I wouldn’t have dared to publish these documents. Everyone talks about Trudeau abusing his power, silencing journalists and bringing our country in line with China. I knew we were headed in this direction, but I didn’t think it would hit me so fast, or at my front door.

To give some context, I recently published something that was deeply embarrassing to both Trudeau and China. Documents leaked to me by a senior member of the Canadian Armed Forces that show that the first people who were likely infected by the Wuhan Flu were military adversaries to the Chinese.

At the Military World Games in Wuhan, China in October 2019, just before the first whispers of a virus spreading in the city, Canada and the forces of other NATO countries returned home with brutal pneumonia and other critical symptoms. The Canadian plane was quarantined, it was so bad.

Months after the fact, when Canadian intelligence had a grasp of the facts, Trudeau’s government refused to test the soldiers for COVID antibodies. Confirming antibodies in the soldiers would upend the agreed upon narrative (by the World Health Organization, China and Trudeau) that the virus was born in a wet market. Spoiler: it wasn’t — but Trudeau’s government was not going to get on President Xi Jinping’s bad side and break that news — so he refused healthcare to Canadian soldiers.

I published the military documents weeks ago — they knew what was in them. They knew what the story was about, and they knew that I followed the law. The information that I published was sensitive, and it was embarrassing to Trudeau, but it was not a violation of any law for me to publish it.

So why the RCMP officers at my door? Well, Trudeau doesn’t control the Calgary Police Service. The RCMP, however, answer directly to him — their command comes straight from Ottawa.

I broke no laws in publishing the facts and documents I obtained. Sure, these were facts that showed that Trudeau is running defence for China at the expense of our men and women in uniform, but I didn’t break any laws. Despite that, Ottawa sent the feds to a reporter’s home, in Canada, in 2021, to intimidate me and my family.

Things are getting out of hand faster than anyone could have predicted. Mass censorship online, mass arrest of protesters in Toronto, feds knocking on reporters’ doors. I need to keep doing my job — and Trudeau is getting more and more tyrannical as the days go by.

If you are in the military, Global Affairs Canada, finance, or wherever you may be — the most patriotic thing you can do right now is inform on your government. Don’t break any laws, and especially don’t violate the Security of Information Act, but if you have information that needs to see the light of day — send me an email at [email protected].

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