Real Rukshan and Avi Yemini to moderate freedom candidates debate

The most prominent freedom-focused Senate Candidates go head-to-head for your FIRST PREFERENCE in Victoria and New South Wales.

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The word "debate" often conjures up an image of stuffy politicians in suits, shouting over each other, yet somehow putting the audience to sleep. 

While that is usually the case, the biggest problem is that you'll generally only get to see these debates between the parties endorsed by the mainstream media. 

That's why Rebel News Australia teamed up this week with Real Rukshan to host a Senate debate in Melbourne over two nights, to be streamed at Thursday and Friday nights. 

29% of Australian voters are said to be thinking of voting independent in the upcoming federal election, yet, if you watch mainstream media, you'd be forgiven for thinking only two parties are running. 

This is the debate we've been forced to host. 

Mainstream media refuses to give independents and freedom parties a platform, so we're doing it ourselves. 

They have made a show of giving the fake independents (the so-called "teal parties") their airtime to make you think they're offering a freedom party a platform, but beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.

We've allowed representatives of the freedom parties, the people who represent the true Australia, a chance to make themselves heard. 

This is the only debate you need to watch before going to the polling stations fully informed on the 21st of May. 

There has never been a more critical time to understand what your vote means, so share and watch to arm yourself with the most comprehensive information, and open up the conversation with friends and family. 

Tackling even the most contentious issues, the brave candidates for the Senate in Victoria and New South Wales have been given a chance to have an open discussion without censorship. 

These are the voices of the real independents.

The debate will be streamed over two nights across all platforms, including Victoria on Thursday night and New South Wales on Friday night.

Tune in to watch democracy in action.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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