Struggling 'Yes' campaign scores own goal with bizarre drag queen UK launch event

In a perplexing move, Indigenous Voice campaign kicks off in the UK with a singing drag queen.

Struggling 'Yes' campaign scores own goal with bizarre drag queen UK launch event
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The launch of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament campaign took an unexpected turn in London as Australian drag queen Karla Bear, adorned in the Australian and Aboriginal flags, became the focal point of the event.

Their 'cringy' rendition of John Farnham’s 'You’re the Voice' left the crowd of about 100 divided, with social media stunned by the bizarre mixed messaging as the Voice continues to lose support.

The controversial launch, deemed the official anthem of the 'Yes' campaign, went viral online, prompting varied responses.

Sky News host Rita Panahi questioned the campaign's strategy, remarking, "At some point they’ll get sick of kicking own goals."

Historian Stephen Chavura added, "Good to see the Yes campaign so in touch with Indigenous culture."

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a surprising appearance, acknowledging progress in Indigenous education and land rights but stressed the need to hear the 'true Voice' of the community.

Gillard’s speech, a rare intervention in domestic politics, underscored the desperation of the campaign.

As the referendum date looms, the polls indicate a decline in support for the Voice proposal, with only 36% in favour.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's efforts to sway undecided voters face an uphill battle as opposition rises to 56%.

Australians abroad have begun voting, with the anticipation of a significant turnout at the largest polling booth in the UK.

With less than three weeks until the historic referendum, the nation awaits the final verdict on the proposed constitutional alteration.

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