Sue-Ann Levy: 'I really fear for this city going forward'

True North's journalist Sue-Ann Levy joined guest host David Menzies to discuss Toronto's recent mayoral election.

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"Last Monday's Toronto mayoralty byelection was an election like no other," said David. "With a staggering 102 candidates vying for the mayor's chair. Well, like any election, there are winners and there are losers. The big winner, of course, is Olivia Chow for prevailing. But one must wonder, given Olivia Chow's socialist leanings, given her tax and spend ways, is the big loser the city of Toronto itself?"

David was joined by Sue-Ann Levy from True North to discuss Monday's result.

David asked Sue-Ann if those results came as a surprise to her.

Sue-Ann said:

No, actually, what came as a surprise to me was Ana Bailão. The fact that she she did so well and that for a while, I would say probably a half an hour when the results came in, I thought she was going to win.

And, you know, although I'm not a huge fan of Ana Bailão, she would have been a heck of a lot better than Olivia Chow. So then Olivia pulled ahead, sadly.

Looking ahead, Toronto residents should brace themselves for potential property tax hikes and an expansion of bike lanes, as Chow plans to add an additional 200 kilometers of cycling infrastructure. 

"I hope Olivia Chow proves me wrong," added David.

"I hope we don't see some of the predictions emerge of people saying, get ready for Toronto becoming Portland North. But we know how she leans. I mean, she's all about more so-called safe injection sites. We know she won't do anything about homeless people camping in public parks."

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