WATCH: Sydney's 'No to the Voice' rally REJECTS racial division

Australians gather to voice opposition to constitutional amendments.

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People gathered from across NSW over the weekend to say 'No to the Voice' at a rally held to oppose constitutional changes that will 'divide the nation along racial lines.'

Former United Australia Party MP Craig Kelly and Member of the Legislative Council John Ruddick were among those who spoke to me at the event.

"A lot of people say the 'No' case should be hidden away. But we're here to support it because a 'no' victory would be a great day for this nation," Craig said.

Attendees questioned the wisdom of voting 'Yes' to a proposal that they said lacked clear details. Critics I talked to argue that approving a vaguely outlined constitutional amendment would have unintended consequences, fostering divisions and creating a two-tiered system based on ethnicity.

"What they're trying to do to this constitution is insert a racially divisive provision. This would entrench separatism, which is exactly what we're against," Craig remarked.

Contrary to some media portrayals that paint the 'No' camp as primarily white supremacists, it was clear that indigenous people were significantly represented at the rally.

"If I look behind me, there are more Indigenous Australians than any other group here," he noted.

Ruddick highlighted the diversity of reasons for voting 'No,' likening the situation to past referendums where diverse groups united under a common cause.

"There are aboriginal people here today voting 'No' for different reasons, and we wanted to give them a platform," he said.

As the referendum, set for October 14, approaches, attendees said that it was important to recognise that it's more than acceptable to vote 'No,' and doing so doesn't make one anti-aboriginal or a white supremacist.

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