WATCH: Teens STALKED and ABUSED for reporting the truth

Meet the next generation of media moguls making a name for themselves by doing the work the mainstream media refuses to do

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The next generation of rebels have arrived and they've already attracted the full force of the 'tolerant left' on the streets of Melbourne.

While most teens their age are obsessively scrolling through TikTok for the latest trends, this trio are defying the progressive agenda and pounding the pavement in asking the tough questions journalists twice their age wouldn't dare.

And it has certainly attracted the heat of radical leftists, who often get a free pass from the establishment media, despite their vile abuse on show at protests.

Being called 'little f-ckheads' and having their equipment yanked away for asking simple, straightforward questions is par for the course for this trio, but they aren't afraid to do the work the mainstream media refuses to do.

"It's not the safest activity but I think it's worth it to provide people with a free media," said Jono.

They call themselves The JWJ Show, and they're already earning a name for themselves online due to their fearless, sharp questioning at freedom protests and events, as well as conducting interviews with prominent players in the country's political scene.

Life under some of the harshest lockdown conditions in the world caused the group - Jesse, Will and Jono - to pick up their recording equipment and document the fast-moving social landscape around them.

"During the lockdowns I've been very angry at Daniel Andrews, what he's done to us and I know heaps of people who have developed mental health issues over the lockdowns and everything and it's really made me think about it and stand for all of the youth," Jesse said.

"I personally think there are a lot more young people like us that think the same things we do, they're just too scared and afraid of what other people will think to speak up and I think we speak up then other young people will feel more inclined to speak up on these issues as well," Will added.

"We're not going to claim to be unbiased, we're conservative and sorry, we make no apologies for that, that's what we're always going to be."

The JWJ Show is produced across YouTubeInstagramTwitter and Facebook.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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