“That's a myth”: Democrats ignore riots in Portland, Seattle

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If you've been following news organizations, it's been nothing but "peaceful protests in support of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter."

We are now months removed from that incident. In places like Portland, we've entered month two of nightly violence against federal property and federal law enforcement.

Elijah Schaeffer knows this first hand.

He's been risking his life to get footage inside the war zone on a daily basis. Elijah has to disguise himself so he's not attacked by righteous comrades, which unfortunately means he gets hit with pepper bullets too.

He's hasn't complained about that. But he did have a reply to Representative Nadler saying the violence is a myth:

Explosives, fireworks and rocks are just daily 'messages of love' that Antifa sends federal agents, whilst accusing them of being unnamed jack boots, coming to push tyranny on the innocent.

Seattle has seen similar peaceful protests that include but aren't limited to: attacking journalists, destroying property and looting Amazon stores.

Wait a minute, don't they know Amazon put a Black Lives Matter banner on their website for a week? They must have missed that.

Like many in the media, Seattle radio host Paul Gallant mocked President Trump for suggesting there is violence in Seattle:

"Walked through it last night out of curiosity and saw no burning, pillaging or deaths. Chill dawg"

It didn't take long before Gallant completely changed his tone, saying:

There's a fire a few blocks from me which freaked me out, zero clue what's going on. Came home to my apartment complex. The Starbucks has been destroy and cops are telling us to stay away in case something explosive is inside. I feel like I need to buy a firearm, because clearly this is going to keep happening

Whoa, have a problem with property damage? You sound like a fascist. Time to chill, dawg.

Everywhere you look, media is defending riots and characterizing anarchy as peaceful demonstrations.

Joe Scarborough from NBC took a different approach. He actually admitted there is violence, but found a way to blame Trump and Bill Barr:

“Much of what is happening in Seattle, Portland, and other West Coast cities is not “peaceful”. Trump’s dangerous application of federal force has illicited [sic] the response he and Barr were hoping for,” Scarborough's tweet said.

Of course that's an obvious lie. For weeks, everyone from classical liberals to conservatives lambasted Trump for not doing enough to stop the destruction of businesses and properties.

While the violence has been happening for a couple of months now, federal agents only entered a few weeks ago.

As Joe Scarborough sits in his studio where he and his wife interview crazy people for a living, violent riots destroy businesses, public property and cause needless death.

And while all of this is going on, not a single mention of social distancing or coronavirus.

Instead, those criticisms are reserved for baseball games and UFC events. 'Get a mask on those fighters, it's not like they're going to be wrestling each other later!'

Condemnation is not for communists or rioters, it's for you and you only. How strange.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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