The Daily Telegraph muzzles Alan Jones

Mainstream media puts pressure on commentators who are critical of Covid measures.

The Daily Telegraph muzzles Alan Jones
The Daily Telegraph muzzles Alan Jones
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Alan Jones will no longer publish columns for The Daily Telegraph.

The popular broadcaster, who is currently a weekly fixture on Sky News Australia, has been told by editor Ben English that his column will no longer appear.

Sources say that the decision was made after, ‘the column failed to resonate with readers’ – a claim that Jones contests.

Alan Jones has been an outspoken critic of the government’s Covid mandates since the pandemic began. His criticism has been especially sharp in regards to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s recent treatment of Freedom Day protests and the tough Sydney lockdown.

His commentary came after the country was shocked by the overnight creation of a special police task force whose purpose was to track down protesters. NSW Police used social media to encourage residents to dob each other in to Crime Stoppers.

Alan Jones' take on the situation differs considerably from his mainstream media counterparts, who have gone so far as to run identical newspaper covers 'Just get the damn jab!' to assist vaccination programs.

Clips from Alan Jones’ Sky News nightly show are routinely among the highest digital performers along with other outspoken hosts on Outsiders and The Bolt Report.

Yesterday, Alan Jones said that NSW was ‘in need of new leadership, new directions, new tone and new strategy’ after what he saw as the ‘total removal’ of civil freedoms and the subjugation of the people by the government.

While Jones appeared to be more subdued on Tuesday night’s program, he was back firing at the government on Wednesday.

Earlier in the week, 2GB’s Ray Hadley got into yet another scrap with his former colleague.

He needs to be called out for last night’s program,” said Hadley, after Alan Jones referred to NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant as the ‘village idiot’.

Chant had previously courted global attention when she told Australians ‘not to talk to each other’ during a bizarre press conference.

2GB has struggled to maintain its number one position on breakfast radio since Alan Jones’ departure, with the station in danger of being outperformed by the ABC.

Alan Jones' ratings remain strong.

Meanwhile, other members of Australia's political opinion sphere have rejoiced at the apparent decline in press freedom.

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