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The Ottawa Police Service handed out more than 450 tickets in connection with the protest since Saturday morning.

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Not to blow our own horn, but it was a good thing that several Rebel News reporters were in Ottawa last weekend to witness firsthand what was really taking place vis-à-vis the Freedom Convoy. After all, if one were to receive their “news” from the Trudeau Liberals and the mainstream media, one would’ve likely have choked on the copious quantities of propaganda and outright falsehoods.

Case in point: if you believe certain narratives, the truckers and their allies are hateful people hellbent on an insurrection. They are racists and bigots. They are wearing trouble on their shirts. So scary!

But nothing could be further from the truth. We encountered an endless number of salt-of-the-earth Canadians who were peacefully protesting the ludicrous lockdown mandates. We didn’t witness an “insurrection”; rather, we saw several bouncy castles being erected so that the children on Parliament Hill that weekend could have a jolly good time despite the frigid weather.

So it was somewhat saddening to see the torqued-up press release that was issued by the Ottawa Police Service.

For starters, the police stated that more than 450 tickets had been issued in connection with the anti-mandate protest since Saturday morning.

Wow, that sounds serious!

But when one drills down to see what the actual infractions were, so many of the charges were downright farcical. For example: use of fireworks; seatbelt violations; improper muffler; and – wait for it – windows that were tinted too darkly! Wow. Throw away the key on those scofflaws…

The press release went on to state: “Demonstrators exhibited extremely disruptive and unlawful behaviour, which presented risks to public safety and unacceptable distress for Ottawa residents.”

Gracious! What were those demonstrators doing on Saturday and Sunday night on Parliament Hill that was so disruptive and unsafe to the fine people of Ottawa?

Would you believe… they were dancing? OK, granted, jumping up and down on Wellington Street to the disco beat of the Village People’s YMCA might not be to everyone’s like.

But we’ll take that over the now du rigueur behaviour one witnesses when it comes to leftist protests (i.e., statue-toppling, arson, vandalism, Molotov cocktails, etc.)

In fact, if members of Ottawa’s Finest really want to tackle criminal behaviour, perhaps they should… arrest one and other? After all, these cops confiscated hundreds of litres of diesel fuel that was destined for the truckers to keep them warm in their rigs.

Isn’t there a criminal charge on the books when it comes to such larcenous behaviour? We believe it is known as “Theft over $5,000”…

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